Your Guide to Solar Batteries for Storage

Solar panels are just one part of reliable, unlimited solar energy. The other part is ensuring that your converted energy is available even at night. This is where solar batteries come in.

What are solar batteries?

A solar battery connects to your solar panel system and stores excess power for use at a later time. It also acts as a power backup if issues arise with the panels or available sunlight.

Can I use solar energy at night and during winter?

Technically speaking you will not be absorbing solar energy during cloudy days or at night. However, when connected to a solar battery you will be able to use the excess stores of power to product electricity during these periods.

Setting up solar batteries

Your solar panel provider will be able to connect your batteries while they install everything else. They can also provide you with the recommended battery and quantity that will give you assurance of consistent energy.

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Benefits of battery storage

Save on electricity bills:

When you no longer rely on the power grid you can save a significant amount on your energy bills, essentially being self sufficient when you use 100% solar.

Emergency power supply:

The power supply stored in your battery is available at any time, so when there are power-outs on the grid or if there is minimal sun exposure you still have energy ready to be converted.

Better for the environment:

Naturally a major appeal of solar energy and storage is its environmental impact. The sun provides unlimited solar energy and does not require extraction of limited oil/coal stores nor damage to ecosystems.

Available rebates:

The Government offers eligible businesses and home-owners rebates for their solar panels and batteries to help you fund the investment.

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