How often is maintenance needed?

Are you aware of the maintenance and servicing needs of your solar panels? A licensed solar panel technician ensures all components of your solar panels are clean, free of corrosion and functioning well, so you get the most out of your power supply.

Maintaining Your Solar Panels

As a structure responsible for your house’s electricity and energy, solar panel performance is critical not just for a consistent power supply, but for your household’s safety. After you’ve purchased and installed your panels, you will need to ensure regular servicing to maintain optimal performance for all components.

How can I tell if my solar system needs maintenance?

Regular servicing of your solar panels is an essential part of this renewable power supply, so it’s not just about checking for possible damage or issues. You should be planning an inspection regularly.

Check for performance

If you have a solar system monitoring software you should be able to inspect the panel’s output and whether it’s producing the energy yield expected. If you are still on the electricity grid you can also check your electricity bill – is it higher than usual? This may be due to your panels not operating properly. A monitoring system can also show you historical data of the system’s production and consumption.

Do note though, weather changes can also impact electricity bills and solar use – but significant discrepancies could be due to malfunction.

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Who can perform a solar panel inspection?

Solar systems don’t work like other electrical products – were switching your panel system ‘off’ means the system is no longer an electrical hazard. Inspection elements for roof-fixed panels also need to take place on the roof, which has additional risk. In saying this, it’s important that you get a professional technician to perform an inspection, as they are trained in safe servicing, and will investigate all elements of the panels and the components.

What's included in solar panel maintenance?

A professional servicing ensures optimal performance as well as your own safety, and a specialist will be able to inspect all elements of your panels. A servicing will include:

  • Clean solar panels, secure and check for defects
  • Inspect for deterioration or corrosion
  • Remove debris from vents
  • Test switches for defects
  • Check wiring for damage or deterioration
  • Electrical checks to ensure all components are operating
  • Confirm fittings and cables are securely attached
  • Review inverter display panel for recorded faults
  • Check that access to isolator switches have no been impeded
  • Ensure emergency procedures are displayed
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Book an inspection today

NXTGEN Group is made up of a team of highly skilled solar panel experts, licensed in performing inspections, installing panels, and repairs. Our team is available for services across Melbourne, working safely and efficiently to ensure optimal solar panel performance. If you are due for an inspection or have found issues with your solar panel’s electricity production, reach out to the team at NXTGEN Group today on 03 9016 4337.