Solar Energy Financing and Rebates

Did you know that you are eligible for a rebate when you invest in solar panels? The Australian Government wants to incentivise renewable energy, and with Australia’s abundance of sunny days, it’s not wonder so many are looking at solar energy. If you’re interested in how you can fund your solar panels, speak to NXTGEN Group today.

Available rebates for solar panels

There are a number of available rebates for homeowners and business owners to pay less for their solar panels and batteries. Victoria’s currently has a range of rebates that include:

For more information on solar power rebates and to determine your eligibility you can head to the government website here.

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The added benefits of solar energy

Not only can you get rebates for your solar energy, there are a number of additional advantages to using solar.

Added value to property

Solar power is an asset to your property, and because of this your property will have a higher market rate than a similar property without solar.

Save on power bills

The less energy you get from the power grid the more money you save on your bills. With a storage battery you can also use energy stores during the night and cloudy days.

Eco friendly energy

Reduce your carbon footprint by taking advantage of the sun’s natural unlimited energy.

Appeal to conscientious consumers

If you’re a business, solar power is a competitive advantage that can reel in a new consumer set that want to invest in eco-friendly businesses. While you save money on power bills you can also find a new revenue stream!

Low maintenance

Solar panels will require a maintenance check-up every 2 years, however outside of this they require very little maintenance or upkeep. Once set up you will be able to use your energy the same way you would your power grid.

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