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For high quality, efficient solar panels in Melbourne, reach out to NXTGEN Group. We are dedicated to providing innovative clean solar energy to our clients across Victoria, from first home buyers through to business owners. There are immeasurable benefits to switching to solar power, and our team deliver you the best, most innovative solutions to renewable energy.

The Advantages of Installing Solar Panels

Increase your property value

Solar panels are a great value add because they save interested buyers money in the long run. If you are selling, your market rate will be higher than a property of the same size without solar.

Appeal to environmentally conscious consumers

More and more consumers are looking for business that provides a service to the community and to the planet. Solar panels are actually a cost saving way to do this and provide yourself with honest, clean energy.

Reduce your carbon footprint

And just like that you can take a significant chunk out of your carbon footprint and contribute to the ever-growing renewable energy sector.

Save on power bills

When we hear sustainable we can sometimes associate it with more expensive. That’s not the case with renewable energy. Because you are relying on a natural supply of energy – the sun – you don’t actually have to pay for electricity, so you save a lot of money.

Low maintenance

With proper servicing and care solar panels require very little upkeep and effectively work on their own. When it’s bright out they absorb and store solar energy and when the sun sets or during winter energy stores are instantly available.

Government schemes and available funding

In addition, the Government incentivises renewable energy, and if you install solar panels you may be eligible for a rebate.

We install panels for residential and commercial properties

Whether you’re a larger business looking for a competitive edge or a new homeowner interested in reducing your environmental impact, solar panels are a smart, conscientious and sustainable investment. The team at NXTGEN Group craft a tailored recommendation and solar solution to suit your needs and ensure complete customer satisfaction before checking off the job.

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