Maintenance Services

Solar panels offer reliable, affordable energy stores for residential and commercial properties alike. But in order to maintain this reliable supply it’s important to utilise regular maintenance. NXTGEN Group offer regular maintenance and repair services to ensure your panels are working their best.

What’s included in a service?

Over time panels can collect debris and dust that can impact the efficiency of its operation, and can even lead to worse problems. To prevent this, solar panel maintenance includes:

Preventative measures are much more affordable in the long run and ensure technicians can recognise damage or concerns before it becomes a significant issue. Our experienced team thoroughly inspect your solar panels and provide all necessary repairs.

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How often do I inspect solar panels?

At minimum you should get your panels inspected and cleaned once every two years. In some cases property owners will schedule twice yearly maintenance. NXTGEN Group can offer you recommendations on what is suitable for your panels.

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Hazard reduction and additional maintenance

Maintenance services help to reduce the risk of hazards or danger to people, such as dangers of fire, electrical damage and dangerous components. In addition, there may be particular property maintenance and upkeep necessary, including roofing upkeep. With regular servicing your solar panels can offer you long term, affordable energy supplies.

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