Repairs for Solar Panels and Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy is a reliable and sustainable source of energy and can be installed on a variety of infrastructures and properties. However, as a large mechanism using large amounts of energy, there are naturally risks of damage or disruption. NXTGEN offers quality maintenance services as well as repairs for clients across Victoria, ensuring your panels are working safely and efficiently.

Damage to solar panels

Types of damage

The most common forms of damage are cracks to the panels themselves, either completely shattered or a more subtle microcracks.

Shattered panels

It will be very clear if one of your panels has been completely shattered, making that panel ineffective and impacting the amount of energy you absorb. These can’t be repaired, and you will need to replace the panel completely.

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Microcracks are a lot harder to spot, and while the panel is still in use, it will not work as efficiently. It can lead to a reduction in output, shorten the solar panel’s life or lead to burned cells which means your panel will have to be replaced.

What causes microcracks?

Connection and electrical problems can also occur with solar panels, which a technician can likely notice during regular maintenance services.

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Maintenance services

While accidents happen, some damage can be caused due to neglecting regular maintenance services. These services are recommended at minimum once every 2 years, but you supplier will recommend frequency based on your panels. A maintenance includes:

NXTGEN Group offers maintenance services on top of repair services for longer lasting, more efficient solar panels.

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It’s important to get damage looked at as soon as you notice it to prevent further damage. If you require repairs or maintenance for your solar panels, commercial or residential, reach out to the team at NXTGEN Group today. We service across Victoria and can visit your site to inspect the problem and repair any and all damage. Call us on 03 9016 4337 or fill in your details on our contact page.