Latest News on Solar Energy

As the experts in all things solar, we want to provide you with all of the latest news on renewable solar energy. Our knowledgeable team are constantly learning, and with the renewable energy sector constantly changing we want to stay ahead of the curve. Here you can read about updates on our business, the latest in Government rebates and all trends and technology advances in the industry.

What you can find in our latest solar news

Here are some of the latest news about solar technology.

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Government funding

The Government aims to incentivise the use of renewable energy, and provide businesses and individuals with rebates where appropriate. This is on top of the additional money saved by running your own reliable supply of electricity. NXTGEN Group stays up to date on any Government changes or initiatives and provides you with all the necessary information.

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Latest technology

Solar energy is still growing and expanding, which means the panels and the equipment is regularly updated. We make sure to supply our customers with the latest in innovative solar solutions, and when this changes we work to update our own offerings with the industry. Here you can find all the information on the latest and greatest of the solar world.

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Business updates

For any information you need to know about our business, or for any exciting announcements and updates you will find them here. We aim to consistently communicate with all of our clients.

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Latest projects

We love showcasing our work. We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction as well as reliable energy supply, and want to show you how we do it. Take a look at some of our past projects, the issues, the solutions, the process and the finished product.

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