Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding solar energy and solar panels.

Solar Energy & Solar Panels – FAQs

Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding solar energy and solar panels.

To put it simply, solar energy converts energy from the sun into energy that is then used to heat or cool buildings, heat water and produce electricity. It’s an incredibly popular form of renewable energy in Australia due to our reliable sunlight.

There is an initial cost to installing solar panels which can be expensive, but over time the cost of solar is lower than the constantly increasing cost of grid power. If you can invest in the installation, it definitely pays off.

Damaged panels, such as microcracks, can impact the solar panel’s effectiveness. Other impacts include:

  • Dust or water vapour in the air
  • Shading or cloud cover
  • Quality of the panels

During summer your solar panels have extended hours to absorb that famous Australian sunlight to power your home. Plus it allows you to store extra energy in solar batteries to be used later. For any electricity that comes from your solar panels, it’s electricity you haven’t had to get from the power grid, so you save huge amounts on your bills.

Most of our energy comes from the production of fossil fuels, a limited resource with which extraction requires various earth drilling machines which damage natural ecosystems. In addition to this the release of carbon has an adverse impact on the climate. Natural solar energy does not require drilling and is an unlimited resource, meaning it does not contribute to environmental damage.

When installed improperly solar panels can damage your roof, which is why it’s important to research an experience and reputable technician for installation and manufacturing.

Technically speaking solar panels do not work at night because there is no sunlight for them to absorb. The way that solar energy gets around this is by using solar batteries that carry energy stores from the daylight. During the night and during winter these stores will be used.

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