Best Solar Panels for Commercial & Residential Properties

When investing in solar panels for your property you want to know you are investing in quality and longevity. While cost is always a contributing factor to your solar panel choice, there are a lot of other factors that you should consider and research before agreeing on your solar panels. NXTGEN Group consult with our clients and offer tailored recommendations that suit your needs and property. However, we also know how important it is for you to feel secure in your decision, and if you’re doing your own research, here’s what we recommend you look out for.

How to choose the right solar panels

You can first look at the overall cost and quote that your supplier has given you. Cost is made up by factoring in:

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Durability, longevity and warranty

You should also check on your available warranty to ensure your panels are protected if issues arise during the period. Your supplier should provide you with the longevity of the panels so you understand the investment you are making.

Size and watts capacity

Watts relate to the output of each panel, so higher watts will mean higher output, which usually leads to higher costs. To give you an idea, a decent panel will absorb 100W of energy every hour.

PID and LID resistance

Potential Induced Degradation refers to the possibility of damage to the panels due to severe weather and certain climate conditions. You ideally want panels with a low PID. Light Induced Degradation occurs within the first few months of installation as the panels adjust to the sunlight. Similarly a good set of panels will have little or no LID.

Conversion efficiency

A higher conversion efficiency indicates how the panels convert power into usable electricity. When comparing two different sets of panels, the panels with higher conversion efficiency will be the optimum choice.

Manufacturing process and materials used

It’s good to look at what the manufacturing process looks like for the workers. You can first look at whether they panels are made from mono- or polycrystalline silicon. A monocrystalline silicon is made of a single silicon structure and usually of higher quality. It’s also more space efficient, so can produce more energy.


While solar panels act as a functional system, it’s important that you are away of how the panels will influence your property’s exterior. Solar panels are quite sleek and can blend well with the roof of your property. But if you are concerned about their appearance speak to your installer about the best option.

Choosing the right installer

Finally, the company that you work with will be paramount to the efficiency and effectiveness of your solar panels. Negligent manufacturing and rushed transport can actually risk damage to your panels, or influence the efficiency of energy absorption. The right business will put the customer first and recognise the sensitivity of solar panels and their transport & manufacturing.

Our Quality Assurance

NXTGEN Group have simple values: to provide exceptional quality solar power to businesses and households across Victoria, to build relationships with our clients and to ensure customer satisfaction. We don’t take shortcuts, and don’t rely on cheap manufacturing or materials to save on costs. For reliable, diligent and careful solar panel installation, speak to the team at NXTGEN Group. Call 03 9016 4337 or fill out our form on the contact page.