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NXTGEN Group delivers exceptional solar solutions across residential and commercial properties. Our goals are simple: provide reliable, cost effective renewable energy across Victoria, prioritise customer satisfaction and build trusted, long term relationships.

What We Do?

We are all things solar. Which means we handle everything from installation through to repairs. Whether you have an extensive knowledge on renewable energy or are weighing up your options we can deliver exceptional solutions tailored to your needs.


NXTGen Group offer a variety of long term renewable energy solutions for businesses across Victoria, helping companies save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Innovative and sustainable solutions to energy also appeal to customers and clients conscientious of services and products’ sustainability.


Quality solar energy helps homeowners save thousands on energy bills, and you are usually able to make up for the cost of installation within a few years. The same is true for apartment and townhouse developments, where strata management and residents can enjoy reliable energy without the costs.


One query our clients ask is the effectiveness of solar during winter or on cloudy days. The advancements of solar energy have allowed for energy storage power banks that use available solar energy to store consistent energy supply even on cloudy days.

Maintenance & Repairs

It’s critical that our panels work to their optimum potential, saving you on energy costs and maintaining your green footprint. Our team offer regular maintenance and are available to inspect and repair any issues with your panels.


As renewable energy sources continue to advance and gain popularity the long term savings for business and homeowners alike show a significant advantage. Because renewable has its environmental advantages there are finances and rebates available to incentivise installation.

Why Us?

NXTGEN Group is an independent, privately owned business specialising in all areas of solar energy, from panel installation through to maintenance and repairs. Our team are located in Melbourne and provide high quality solutions across all of our clients. Solar is a long-term investment, and we aim to build a long term relationship with you. Our goals are to boost business opportunity, save homeowners money and contribute to a sustainable Victoria, and Australia.


We have implemented impressive installations across a variety of properties and are incredibly proud of our achievements. Take a look at some of our recent projects.

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Enquire Today!

We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t dust our hands of a job until you are completely satisfied. To discuss your solar needs, reach out to our experienced team on 03 9016 4337 for a consultation and quote.